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We are Resolute.

Resolute is a gathering place for neighbors, tourists, and conference goers to enjoy extraordinary small production wineries and Bay Area Breweries. Our menu includes wines from California, Europe and beyond. The wines are available both for enjoyment here at our bar and lounge space, or for you to take home (at a discount). We also offer generous cheese, charcuterie and pâté plates, for pairing with our artisan beers and wines.

We are proud of the community of wine and beer drinkers we’ve accumulated in our relatively short time in business and look forward to you joining us in our effort to expand this community!

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678 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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WINE: Smaller is better

We believe very strongly that the more personal a wine is to the winery, the better it tastes. That relationship is only enhanced by how few barrels the winemaker is making, and how precious those barrels are to him or her. We see the bigger guys offering very nice wines, but never quite getting to that “wow” point where we feel comfortable serving them. Truly artisan wines are what we seek, and we have found with the little guys.

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Beer (and Cider): Always Fresh, Local, and Awesome.

At Resolute, we work hard to maintain the right conditions for beer to taste its best. Our beers are all from super small, local, start-up breweries, which we get our kegs directly from the brewmaster’s themselves. All of our beers are fresh, and damn near perfect in every way. We promise to never sell old, stale or boring beer. The beers we sell are the beers we are proud to pour and proud to drink (Our bullpen of draft breweres include Altamont, Woodfour, Berryessa, Social Kitchen, Henhouse, and Linden Street).

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RETAIL: Bringing it Home

We know you can’t see us every night, so we have built a little shop of 100 plus wines for you to browse and potentially take some wines home. Some of these wines are on the menu and all of them are $15 off the menu price (per bottle).

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Food Menu


Marin French – Triple Cream Brie
A spreadable brie with a rich and smooth texture, slightly sweet with a fluffy rind.

Lauren Chenel – Chevre
Spreadable, tangy, and slightly earthy, the perfect pairing for many white wines.

Beehive Cheese Co. – Barely Buzzed Cheddar
A sharp, aged cheddar covered in roasted espresso grounds and lavendar. Loads of Umami.

Moliterno – Truffle Pecorino
Semi-firm pecorino that is injected with obscene amount of black truffles.

Don Pedro – Manchego
Classic Spanish cheese with a slightly nutty and sweet flavor.


Creminelli – Sopressa
Classic salami made with garlic, red wine, and black pepper.

Olympia Provisions – Saucisson D’Alsace
Made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, this is the perfect salami for winter months and red wines.

Creminelli – Prosciutto
Classic prosciutto with a slightly salty finish.

Resolute Wine Club

You’ve heard it before… most wine clubs force you to take bottles of wine (often low value wines) you don’t want, only to get discounts on wines you actually want!

With the Resolute Wine and Bar Club you get $80 worth of good for $60. We give you one very special bottle a month (choose from White Wine, Light Red, or Heavy Red retailing at about $40 in our shop) as well as $40 CREDIT to use at the bar OR in the wine shop. The choice is yours.

Thats a $40 bottle plus $40 store credit for $60! Come in and ask for an application, and get started today!

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If you would like to get in touch with us about catering or special events, please send an email to

For any other inquiries, or just to tell us how much you enjoyed drinking with us, let us know at

We don’t have a telephone, but yell really loud and we might hear you.

Resolute is located in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco.


Monday 5PM – 12 AM
Tuesday 5PM – 12 AM
Wednesday 4PM – 12 AM
Thursday 4PM – 12AM
Friday 4PM – 1AM
Saturday 4PM – 1AM
Sunday 4PM – 12AM